Felt Decree FRD
Felt Decree FRD
Felt Decree FRD

The Felt Decree FRD is one of the lightest, most efficient and capable 27.5 trail bikes we’ve had the pleasure of riding. With its light weight, FAST™ suspension and slack, playful geometry, it’s one of the best bikes we’ve come across for big rides on Park City’s huge, varied trail network. Mountain bikers who live to rip tight singletrack, popping off every root and rock then climbing back up for another helping will love the Decree FRD.

We’ve had the Felt Decree in our lineup since it was launched and it’s been one of our most popular bikes. There are three things that set our Felt Decree FRD’s apart from other 27.5 trail bikes:

  • Felt’s industry-leading UHC Ultimate TeXtreme carbon fiber frame.
  • The Decree’s FAST (Felt Active Stay Technology) flex-stay suspension.
  • Our PCBD Build parts kit – carefully chosen to make this the ultimate 27.5 trail bike for Park City and far beyond.

Felt is widely recognized as the leader in carbon fiber bicycle design and technology. The Decree FRD is built from their finest carbon, UHC Ultimate with TeXtreme™. It’s incredibly light, stiff and built for abuse. It’s also an integral part of the Decree’s FAST™ suspension system. It’s a single-pivot linkage with a light, stiff, one-piece carbon rear triangle. The carbon seat stays are engineered for 10mm of vertical flex in either direction, essentially adding another pivot to the system. It’s an exceptionally efficient suspension design with a very unique, precise feel – as-if you crossed an XC bike with a trail bike.

To take the Decree FRD to the next level and make it into the ultimate highly-capable yet highly-efficient trail rig, we picked out our own parts kit. SRAM’s X01 Eagle 12-speed drivetrain provides flawless shifting and gears to get you up anything; premium RockShox suspension soaks up bumps and keeps the wheels glued to the ground; Reynolds carbon wheels increase stiffness, reliability and improve acceleration; and the whole package is topped off with a premium tires from Continental, one of three choices of grips from Lizard Skins, and Thomson cockpit and dropper post.


PCBD BUILD – $7999

Top-tier build with SRAM X01 Eagle™ 12-speed drivetrain, Reynolds Cycling carbon wheels ($2599 MSRP), and the Felt Decree FRD UHC + Ultimate TeXtreme carbon frame ($3999 MSRP). All other components are the same between the two builds. Retail value: $10,000.


Expert build with SRAM GX Eagle™ 12-speed drivetrain, Stan’s NoTubes MK3 aluminum wheels, and the Felt Decree FRD UHC + Ultimate TeXtreme carbon frame ($3999 MSRP). All other components are the same between the two builds. Retail value: $7,500.



Only $119 per day to demo a top-tier “PCBD Build” FRD bike; or just $99 for an expert-level GX Eagle™ FRD bike. Up to $600 of demo rental fees can be applied towards the purchase of any bike, new or used, for up to 6 months. Try one bike or many – if you buy a bike from us within 6 months of your demo, your rental was free.


Can’t make it to Park City but still want to try one of our amazing PCBD Build Felt FRD mountain bikes? No problem – with our mail order demo-rental program, we’ll ship you a bike so you can try it. For just $600 (round-trip shipping and insurance included) you get a 6-day trial run on your home trails with the Felt Virtue FRD or Felt Decree FRD. If you love the bike, keep it and we’ll bill you, minus the $600 you spent for the demo-rental.


All of our demo bikes are for sale all the time. We have nearly two dozen FRD program demo bikes available for purchase  Pricing is based on the number of days a bike has been rented.



We tell all of our customers that the Felt Decree may be the ultimate, all-around bike for Park City and the Wasatch Mountains. The terrain is hugely varied, from technical enduro trails to relentless 3000+ foot descents to 50+ mile epics. Most importantly, we have to pedal and climb to reach much of the best, high-altitude riding. With its slack geometry and outstanding pedaling ability, The Felt Decree lets you go further and descend pretty much anything.

We recently found out our marketing guy, Photo-John, was the very first Felt Decree customer. Besides working for PCBD, John also works as a freelance photographer and journalist and was invited to the official Felt Decree launch in Lago di Garda, Italy (read John’s full Felt Decree review on Mtbr.com). He was so impressed with the way the Decree handled Garda’s notoriously steep and sketchy “trails,” he ordered one for himself, immediately.

John’s been riding the Decree for over two seasons now and loves the combination of light weight, slack geometry and super-efficient pedaling. The Decree allows him to ride farther and longer with his heavy camera pack and still be able to descend nearly any kind of trail. He’s ridden his Decree on nearly every trail in Park City and Salt Lake, as well as all over the Rocky Mountain west, from the Tetons to Southern Utah. The bike also caught on like wildfire with our staff and customers – a quarter of the PCBD staff now rides a Decree.

The Decree is super playful and fun on tight singletrack – something we have a bounty of in the mountains around Park City. Cross-country, marathon and big mountain adventure riders will love how much ground they can cover on it and how well it climbs. Dirt jumpers will love how poppy and easy it is to throw around. It’s an incredibly versatile and fun bike to ride and after two years remains one of our favorite 27.5 trail bikes.

Photo-John on the Felt Decree

PCBD marketing dude and photographer, Photo-John, riding his Felt Decree in Park City, Utah.


Park City Bike Demos staff member and long-time mountain bike journalist, Photo-John, doing a video review of the Felt Decree 1 shortly after it was launched.

There’s really no better way to show off a bike than to let you see it in action. To the left is a video review Photo-John made right after he got his Felt Decree. It’s a good overview of the bike, with a bit of action video from Bootleg Canyon, outside of Las Vegas, Nevada.

Below is a gallery of action photos that show how versatile and capable the Felt Decree is – especially with an experienced rider on board. We’ve had the Decree in our lineup since it was launched and we’ve ridden it in nearly every condition on pretty much every kind of trail you can imagine. We think you’ll agree that it’s an awesome all-mountain adventure bike.


The official Felt Decree launch video from late fall of 2015. This one is pretty much a gratuitous action video. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

A great video overview of Felt’s suspension platforms and technology. The Felt Decree’s FAST suspension (Felt Active Stay Technology) is discussed at 0:50.

A Felt video describing the carbon materials they use and detailing their approach to carbon fiber bike design. All Felt FRD bikes use Felt’s very best and lightest UHC Ultimate carbon fiber with TeXtreme.

An excellent video detailing Felt’s bicycle design process and methodology and how they apply that methodology to mountain bike design.


The Felt Decree is a playful, flickable trail bike. At 13.4-inches (340mm), the bottom bracket is low enough for stability but high enough to keep your pedals out of the rocks. Sub-17-inch (430mm) chainstays and a relatively slack 66.5° head angle (for a 140mm rear/150mm front trail bike) make it super fun on twisty singletrack, flow trails and even some bike park runs. The Decree loves tight berms and jumps and the slack head angle makes it comfortable on steep descents, as long as they don’t get too chundery. At high speeds the short chain stays and short wheelbase make it feel a little twitchy, although experienced riders won’t be too bothered.

If you’re a more conservative rider and want a more upright bike, the Decree offers adjustable geometry via “flip chips” in the rocker arms.  We like the bike in the low and slack setting. However, if you want more pedal clearance or steeper geometry, flipping the chips will give you a fairly standard 67° head angle and slightly high (by our standards, anyway)  13.8-inch / 350mm bb height.

One of the most distinctive things about the Felt Decree is how well it pedals. Between its incredibly light weight and the super-efficient FAST suspension system, it truly pedals like a cross-country bike. Don’t let that mislead you, though. It is not an XC bike and when called upon to do so, the Decree handles big hits quite well.

Felt’s FAST suspension (Felt Active Stay Technology) is pretty interesting and works better than most people would probably expect. It’s basically a single-pivot system; except the carefully-tuned flexible seat stays act as another pivot, making the suspension more active. The seat stays are also under a slight load, encouraging the shock towards the sag point. That helps with small bump compliance, giving the bike great traction in corners and when climbing. In fact, the Decree has exceptional climbing traction and off-the-top suppleness for a single-pivot bike.

There is a tradeoff for the Decree’s great pedaling and light weight. The suspension handles big hits and short chunky sections well but extended rock gardens can be a bit rough. Experienced riders will be able to handle it but less-experienced riders will likely prefer smoother trails. Proper suspension setup is important to get the most out of the bike – you definitely want to get every bit of travel you can out it. The big 2.4 Continental tires on our PCBD Build Decree FRD’s actually make a big difference, helping smooth out the chunder and allowing you to ride the bike harder than you would with the standard 2.25 tires Felt specs.

Suspension setup can be the difference between a great mountain bike ride and a horrible bike experience. It’s always worth taking a few extra minutes to make sure you get your suspension set up right. The basic goal of suspension setup is to get full travel from your fork and shock without bottoming out. When you get it right, your suspension will absorb bumps and drops, provide great traction and help you climb without wasting any energy.

Suspension setup always begins with sag – that’s how far down into the travel your bike “sags” when you sit on it. Always set the sag with your bike gear (including pack and water) on. Have someone hold the bike by the handlebars so you can balance with your weight properly centered. Slide the O-ring on your fork to the bottom of the stanchion and the O-ring on your shock to the shock body. Carefully climb on, get in the downhill position with your weight over the bars and give the bike a little bounce (emphasis on little) to break any stiction in the suspension. Dismount without disturbing the suspension and your O-ring positions will indicate your sag (RockShox has provided convenient hard-anodized guides on the shock and fork stanchions).

Ultimately, suspension settings are a very personal thing. Depending on the type of trails you ride, your riding style, even your tires, you may end up with very different settings from another rider. Because the Felt Decree suspension is so firm and precise, we want to emphasize the importance of getting full travel. We recommend starting with 33% sag for the shock and 20 to 25% sag for the fork. Follow the directions above to find your sag then make air pressure adjustments as necessary (with a proper shock pump) to reach the sag setting you want.

Be aware your initial sag setting is just a starting point. Once you get out on the trail you may need to do some fine-tuning to get the ride you want. A perfect setup will have the fork and shock O-rings pushed all the way to the end of their stroke without you ever feeling them bottom out. If you’re not getting full travel from your suspension, your bike isn’t performing as intended and you aren’t getting the experience you read about on our website. We want you to have the same awesome experience we’ve had with the Felt Decree FRD. So if you need suspension help, don’t hesitate bring the bike in to the demo center or give us a call so we can help you get it properly tuned.

That’s a personal question – different strokes for different folks. Both bikes are excellent in their own way and we know people who ride the Decree everywhere. That said, the Decree can be a bit of a rough ride on the chunkier sections of the Wasatch Crest Trail. For that reason, for most riders we recommend the Felt Virtue FRD over the Decree for Wasatch Crest because the big wheels, longer wheelbase and more sophisticated Equilink suspension make it smoother and more stable at speed. The Decree really excels on tighter, smoother singletrack trails.

We keep a real-time inventory of our FRD bikes, here. Visit the inventory page to see available sizes, build specs, number of days each bike has been used, and adjusted prices (if used).

We do not stock small Decree FRDs because we’ve found some people have trouble with standover on the small frames.

There are two factors that allowed us to price these bikes so well:

  • Several brands came together to support our Felt FRD program. They offered us great pricing and we’re passing that on to you.
  • We’re not sure when, but another generation of Felt Decree will be coming down the pipeline – probably in 2018 or 2019. For that reason, Felt gave us great pricing and we’re passing that on to you.

The goal of this website and our Felt FRD demo program is to sell our FRD mountain bike inventory fairly quickly at these excellent prices.

Yes, absolutely. We welcome any questions and you’re welcome to contact us any time.


Size SM (16″/ 406mm) MD (18″/ 457mm) LG (20″/ 508mm) XL (22″/ 559mm)
Virtual TT 22.2 in. / 565mm 23.4 in. / 595mm 24.6 in. / 625mm 25.8 in. / 655mm
Seat Tube Length 16 in. / 406mm 18 in. / 457mm 20 in. / 508mm 22 in. / 559mm
Seat Post 30.9mm 30.9mm 30.9mm 30.9mm
Head Tube Length 3.5 in. / 90mm 4.1 in. / 105mm 4.9 in. / 125mm 5.7 in. / 145mm
Head Angle (Slack / Steep) 66.5° / 67.3° 66.5° / 67.3° 66.5° / 67.3° 66.5° / 67.3°
Seat Angle (Slack / Steep) 73° / 73.8° 73° / 73.8° 73° / 73.8° 73° / 73.8°
Bottom-Bracket Height (Low) 13.4 in. / 340mm 13.4 in. / 340mm 13.4 in. / 340mm 13.4 in. / 340mm
Bottom-Bracket Height (High) 13.8 in. / 350mm 13.8 in. / 350mm 13.8 in. / 350mm 13.8 in. / 350mm
Bottom Bracket Shell Width 73mm 73mm 73mm 73mm
Chainstay Length 16.9 in. / 430mm 16.9 in. / 430mm 16.9 in. / 430mm 16.9 in. / 430mm
Stack Height 22.3 in. / 567mm 23.2 in. / 590mm 24.0 in. / 609mm 24.7 in. / 627mm
Reach Length 15.4 in. / 391mm 16.4 in. / 417mm 17.4 in. / 441mm 18.3 in. / 465mm
Standover Height 27.3 in. / 694mm 28.5 in. / 725mm 30.5 in. / 774mm 32.4 in. / 822mm
Wheelbase 43.6 in. / 1107mm 44.8 in. / 1139mm 46.1 in. / 1171mm 47.4 in. / 1203mm


Felt Decree FRD – PCBD Build Felt Decree FRD – SRAM Eagle™ GX Build
MSRP $9,999 $7,499
Our Price $7,999 $5,999
Drivetrain SRAM X01 Eagle 1×12 – with X01 12-speed shifters, X01 Eagle rear derailleur, X01 Eagle crank w 32 teeth, XX1 chain in black and XG1295 10-50T cassette SRAM GX Eagle 1×12 – with GX 12-speed shifters, GX Eagle rear derailleur, GX Eagle crank w 32 teeth, GX chain in silver and XG1275 10-50T cassette
Frame Felt Trail, UHC Ultimate + TeXtreme carbon fiber, MMC w/ InsideOut construction, Full carbon dropouts, 140mm travel, FAST suspension, ControlTaper head tube, post disc mount, replaceable derailleur hanger, standard 73mm threaded bottom bracket, 12 x 142mm
Frame Finish Matte TeXtreme (Blue, Red)
Wheels Reynolds Black Label Carbon – Enduro 27.5″, approx 1660g for complete wheelset, Industry Nine Torch hubs, 28mm internal width. 110mm width (boost) front wheel, 142mm rear wheel (non-boost), centerlock. Stan’s NoTubes Flow MK3 27.5 wheelset – 29mm internal width, 1807g, 110mm (width) front wheel, 142mm (non-boost) rear, 6 bolt hubs.
Tire – Rear Continental Mountain King 2.4 29er Black Chili, ProTection, Tubeless
Tire – Front Continential Trail King 2.4 29er Black Chili, ProTection, Apex Casing, Tubeless
Weight Approx 25.8 to 26.3lbs depending on frame size
Fork 2018 RockShox Pike RCT3 150mm Travel, Solo Air, 27.5
Rear Suspension Travel 140mm/5.5″
Front Suspension Travel 150mm/6″
Shock Rock Shox Monarch Plus RC3, Debonair with High Volume eyelet,custom tune, 200 x 57
Brakes SRAM Guide RSC SRAM Guide R
Rotors Shimano SM-RT70 Centerlock Rotor 180mm Shimano RT56M 180mm 6-Bolt Disc
Stem Thomson Elite X4 Stem 50mm M and L, 60mm for XL
Handlebar Thomson Trail Carbon (215g) 12mm Riser 6° Back 4° Up 31.8mm 770mm or 750mm
Seatpost Thomson Covert Elite Dropper (internal), 125mm (L and XL), 100mm (M), 30.9 x 375mm (M)
Saddle WTB Volt Comp
Headset FSA NO.42/CF/ACB-A w/8.7mm Carbon custom cone spacer
Grips Park City Bike Demos by Lizard Skins lock-ons, your choice of (Northshore, Logo, or MacAskill)